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A SINE transmission 01 – Tuesday 19 May 2020

The Observatory Project is hosting a regular monthly slot on AFM.

Observatory Project broadcasts will feature soundworks from their generative sound sculpture A SINE and conversations between the artists and guest scientists. The main topic of discussion will be around the idea of an observatory and some of the strategies and tools of observation across the arts and sciences.

The first broadcast will take place at 7pm on Tuesday 19 May.

"The Observatory Project: Revealing a Hidden Universe" LASER (Leonardo Art Science Rendevous) Talk – Friday 22nd May 2020

Image: Radio image created by South African Radio Observatory with the Meer Kat telescope (see

May 22nd, 2020 3:30 PM NZST
Streaming online world-wide!

The collaborative Observatory Project engages with the ways that scientists and artists operate through discussions, site visits, and making. With sound, installation, and dialogue, the project explores and expands the frameworks of the astronomical observatory and the art gallery as traditional sites of experimentation in which knowledge is produced and tested. Of particular interest to the project are the physical structures, equipment, and spaces in which observations and experiences occur. How might the site of an observatory be installed to affect the kinds of observations made there?

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The Observatory Project is an ongoing collaborative art project that explores and critiques the site of “the gallery” and “the observatory”. This project operates at the intersection of art and science, by using sound as a means to diagram, interpret, and imagine scientific processes of observation. Converting data into sound as an interpretive tool is a current trend in scientific data analysis to provide an alternative perspective to visual representation. We are interested in the subjective nature of this process, and how this can be manipulated to serve the politics of individuals and institutions. Using installation we designate spaces within galleries and observatories as institutions in and of themselves, with their own sovereignty and politics. These produce physical and temporal experiences that poetically explore and critique the structures they emulate.

The Observatory Project aims to establish long-term collaborations through the formation of an international network of artists and scientists. The project explores and adapts processes from art and science disciplines to frame our collaborative and cooperative relationships. Key to the project is the site of “the observatory” which includes sites of collaborative art research (for example the studio or the installation as a kind of observatory). We see parallels between the way galleries, installations and observatories could negotiate the outside world, and believe the possibility of “an expanded observatory” will lead to meaningful engagement between artists, scientists, and their general publics. The Observatory Project is engaged in developing a framework for these “expanded observatories” through the model of a research cluster, allowing us to freely explore systems and processes of observation within separate projects (Observatories). Situating these expanded observatories within a research cluster creates dialogue around the processes and motivations shared between artists and scientists. Examples of the types of observatory associated with the project include optical, conversational, temporary, web-based, radio, site-specific, subjective, and social.